In chronological order:

  • TerrariaClone: My first major project, a clone of Terraria, preserved as an example of how terrible code can be if you don't pay attention to its quality.
  • Chrono Count: iOS app to manage countdowns and countups under arbitrarily complex schedules, previously available from the iOS App Store.
  • Mazegen: Java application to generate and visualize laser-cutter schematics for three-dimensional marble mazes.
  • layerize: Clojure application to generate and visualize laser-cutter schematics for a cross-sectional model of a "Möbius solid".
  • smarter-playlist: Clojure application to generate iTunes playlists combining variety, cohesiveness, and novelty.
  • Radian: Elegant but practical configurations for Emacs, Zsh, Tmux, Leiningen, and Git.
  • cortex.optimise: General-purpose library for analyzing, visualizing, and comparing gradient descent algorithms.
  • lazy-map: Lazy map implementation for Clojure.
  • el-patch: Emacs package for future-proofing Emacs Lisp customizations.
  • straight.el: Next-generation, purely functional package manager for the Emacs hacker.
  • mla-tex: LaTeX document class for typesetting papers to MLA formatting standards.
  • wdx: Simpler and more robust alternative to wd, written in Python.
  • Hyperschedule: Fast and powerful course scheduler for the Claremont Colleges.
  • diary-manager: Command-line tool and Emacs package for managing daily (encrypted, version-controlled) diary entries.
  • prescient.el: Simple but effective sorting and filtering for Emacs.

You can find all my projects on Github.