Hi! My name is Radon Rosborough, and I like to write about math. This website collects several of the mathematical documents I've written.

The documents

You can access everything on this website via the navigation bar at the top of this page.

How it was made

This site is generated using Hugo, a static site generator. Its source code is freely available on Github.

The PDF documents are typeset using LaTeX, a system for professional typesetting that is used almost universally by mathematicians, scientists, and engineers for the creation of mathematical, scientific, and other documents. LaTeX is extremely full-featured and supports complex equations, advanced page layout, professional-looking graphics, bibliographies, and hundreds of other typesetting tasks. It also has the advantage of producing files which are completely cross-platform and look the same in any application.

Check out the code for more details and documentation!

How you can contribute

If you're a programmer, open a pull request. Otherwise, you can open an issue or send me an email. I welcome comments and suggestions!


MIT. You can do whatever you want with anything here, although I prefer that you do good rather than evil.